Kris Rajs

Kris Rajs

Personal Trainer

Over Kris Rajs

I started my adventure with sport about 25 years ago, with swimming. However, it quickly turned out that it wasn’t really a sport for me, so after a few years I moved to martial arts and strength training. I’ve always been interested in body processes related to building muscle mass, fat loss and their overall impact on fitness, well-being and health.

For over 15 years, I’ve been studying the knowledge from the whole century on this topic, gathered in books, manuscripts, courses and the heads of the greatest trainers of modern times. At first it was my passion, then it became an obsession, and now, for over 10 years, I’ve earned a living sharing what I have learned with my pupils, participants of trainings and seminars.

I believe that the basis of changes is education and replacing a negative habit with a positive one. I think it’s just as important as following my advice to unsure that the client knows, why he should follow it.

My job is to keep you motivated and help you achieve your goal.


  • Gaining muscle mass
  • Getting fit
  • Losing weight


  • Personal Trainer


  • Personal Training


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