Richard Visser

Richard Visser

Personal Trainer (NASM)

Over Richard Visser

My name is Richard Visser and I live in Amsterdam. I am a huge fan of fitness and a certified personal trainer by various international organizations.

My passion for fitness began when I first visited a gym at fifteen years old. I was fascinated by the body’s response to quality nutrition, strength & conditioning-training and adequate rest.

I started working as a Personal Trainer when I was 18 and ever since I have been studying non-stop to provide my clients the best service possible. My specialties are fat loss, strength and pre- and post natal training.

My clientele consists of moms, dads, corporate employees, dentists, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, actors, musicians, comedians, you name it. They all come through the gym.


  • Endurance training
  • Gaining muscle mass
  • Losing weight


  • Personal Trainer (NASM)


  • Online Coaching
  • Personal Training


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